The Art Party is our 4th Pop Up styled event where we work with creative unicorns to animate their space and collaborate on social media marketing. Creative Unicorns can animate their space by showcasing, performing  on stage and or selling their artwork, merchandise, networking, and enjoy like minded people  while soulful music adds to a whimsical atmosphere or  live performances play on stage and exotic foods, drinks and coffees are being served.  

CSI Annex (720 Bathurst)

  • 720 Bathurst St.
  • At Bathurst Station
  • Bathurst, south of  Bloor
  • Across Central Technical School
  • Click here to set up GPS

4 sections, 40 spaces (31 left)

  • $45 early bird spaces
  • Only 20 spaces available
  • 18 Early bird spaces left
  • EB offer ends March 31st
  • Regular tickets are $60

7 ways to animate the space

  • Event space with a table
  • Event space no table (networking and promo)
  • Event space custom table
  • Perform on stage
  • Present on stage time
  • I will be hosting a workshop
  • I will be catering

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