@CreativeUTO – Become a Community Animator & Learn the Art of the Sale


I’m looking to add 5 more community animators who’ll help build the CreativeUTO community as well as help facilitate our Business Development Workshops and the quarterly TAAP events for 2018

About us

  • CreativeUTO is an artist incubator group that helps bring awareness, incubate, and or create sustainable growth, for creative entrepreneurs a 

In return

  • We help you develop, position,  and how to sell your idea in 30 seconds
  • You participate in our profit share system
  • Get table space at #TAAP events
  • Experience working with a startup

You'd be working from home on your own time

  • So you'll need a laptop
    • Amazing communication skills 
    • and a curious attitude  

Your day to day tasks will include

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Strategy
  • Strategic Sales
  • Business Analysis
  • New Business Development
  • Conflict resolution & negotiation skills
  • Sales Management
  • Managing complex teams

Your weekly tasks include

  • A mastermind meeting where we discuss the pitfalls of the job,
    • learn any of the subjects presented above (even if I have to bring in experts)
    • and work to improve our efficiency

Account Management


  • You can work from anywhere as long as you have a smartphone or laptop and Wi-Fi. 

I’ll walk you through the system – very easy - we’ll meet every week to do discuss the downs and ups of this exchange in order to keep improving ourselves… and the system. I genuinely believe in an open source business system where we work towards a common goal.

Here is what you get in return
1st we must pay our overheads or else there is no business. Then Free Minds in motion takes 60% and you get 40% on each sale.

  • Right now our avg price point for The Annex Art Parties are at $83 but those will go up to $360 for #TAAP2018
  • Table space at The Annex Art Party
  • Business Development workshops

Will be based on the term you choose to join for. There are 2 months, 6 months and 1 year.


Click this link to register


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