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The 3 Levels of Woke

Think outside the box?

Growing out of one box only grows us into bigger boxes. Like school. We start in kindergarten, eventually graduating to high school, chase good grades, please the people, please our mothers, impress our friends, get laid, just to belong.

The 1st level we're dormant, we just live our lives according to our primitive understanding of the system. We conform within its boundaries, and everyone outside these boundaries is going to hell.

The 2nd level of consciousness comes in recognizing these boundaries.

We do this through study, sometimes on purpose (fewer times with purpose) sadly, however, most of us wake up because we take information in passively.

It takes a level of trauma to trigger us into a moment of clarity, and wake us up (think, the kick in Inception). This moment of trauma isn't the first, it's one in a million paradigm shifts we'll go through in life. We start these first when we learn to walk. Suddenly some of the thing we never saw before become clear to us. Letters become words, words to sentences, paragraphs, books, music, poems.

The 3rd level of consciousness is the hardest. It's the flesh versus the spirit.

The ego.

The 3rd level of consciousness is the hardest because we have to drop everything we have come to attach ourselves to. School, religion, friends, everything we learned through the 2nd level, even our mother’s wisdom.

We must reconstruct these, and figure out how we fit into those boxes.

We must question everything.

Question existence itself.

We do this by accessing the neural pathways (trains of thought) formed within our mind and traveling through time. Judging ourselves for whom we really were during those times and weighing this understanding out in the context of the universe. In the context of the universe, we are but a note in a lyric, grain of sand on a beach, a letter in a word.

We are nothing.



Once we realize this, we're back on the 1st level.

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