Building a Creative Community Starting With #TAAP3

A subscription service allows us to keep event costs low, provide business development workshops, while researching and developing for an Art's Cafe, and the Artists & Social Innovator's Expo.

Our current goal is to get 76 artists to join our community

Join our community

Building a community  

After listening to our vendors, we deduced the following:

  • We can't just sell tables and expect our events to be successful
  • Every event should be a collaboration between us and up to 70 emerging artists
  • Every event is a creative community of emerging artists coming together
  • This ranges from first-time presentations versus those who’ve been doing it for years
  • And those who’ve been doing art for years but never presented before
  • A safe space for emerging artists too, collaborate, develop their skills & their businesses
  • We needed to find a way to keep costs low, maximize profit, maintain future events

Research and Development

  • We made changes adopted a service based business model
  • We’ve added workshops, networking events
  • We’re researching an Arts Café and Artists and Social Innovator’s Expo
  • We looked at various solutions but thought a subscription service will be our best route

Subscription service

  • Artists no longer just buy a table, they buy business development packages
  • We’re starting out with 3 packages to keep things simple
  • Every package includes access to at least 1 workshop and 1 event
  • They start at $40 for 2 months and then $20 recurring

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Plan name Blue Yellow Black
Term 2 months 6 months 10 months
  Quarterly Bi Annual Annual
Recurring fee $20.00 $15.00 $10.00
Startup fee $40 to start $90 to start $120 to start
Perks 2 Workshop 4 Workshops All Workshops
  1 event 2 events 3 events



  • Artists register for TAAP event through this form
  • Artists will be sent a membership invite
  • Register for membership + make payment

Community Memberships Benefits

  • Artists set up their own account on FMiMBranding only once
  • Artists get ongoing updates on future TAAP events and development
  • Artists get discounted access to FMiMBranding and associated services
  • The system and accounts maintain themselves
  • Automatic withdrawals money withdrawn using PayPal
  • Registered artists are advertised on the TAAP page for additional traffic
  • Artists can be directly hired for projects and jobs by outside parties
  • All artists can publish post in TAAP affiliated channels (based on approval)
  • Access to other artists and members of the Think Tank
  • Access ability to participate and share in profit for ongoing project

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Help us become self-sustainable

  • Goal become self-sustainable within CSIAnnex
  • 76 artists registered by October 13th
Event name June 1st August 24th Oct 26st Dec
The Annex Art Party TAAP TAAP2 TAAP3 TAAP4
Artists and Innovator Expo


Feb/March May/June July/Aug Oct 26th Dec
  ASIx 2018 – The Artists and Social Innovator’s Expo
Open an arts gallery/coffee shop Open an arts gallery/coffee shop

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