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Basic logo design for

  • Project
  • Business
  • Corporate logo
  • Tattoo
  • Product
  • Start-Up

What we do - Solutions

  • We [translate + execute] ideas into valuable sales funnels from the foundation up. We do this by designing an infrastructure that marries customer service, sales, advertisement and retains customers for a lifetime.


How we do it - Collaborative Work process


Services include

  • Design, Web Development [UX, UI, WordPress] Social Media Strategy, Sales & Marketing packages below


Click Here - To start your project

  • Complete the form to the best of your ability
  • We'll consult with you in person, over Skype,
  • If we choose to proceed we'll design a project outline for you as soon as possible
  • That'll give you an overview of the work from the alpha stage all the way through launch
  • Logos for a limited time at $365

For help or more info


The Social Enterprise Summer Pop Up

The Social Enterprise Summer Pop Up

  • A pop up shop event geared to developing and showcasing social enterprises in Toronto while benefiting socially conscious consumers in the community
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Think Tank Winter Dinner Event


  • An intimate setting located in Yorkville where free minds, entrepreneurs and or clients can be themselves, debate, entertain, socialize, enrich each other while eating soul food, playing games and enjoying a few drinks

Soul food, lounge music & drinking games

  • We start with introductions (your companies, our companies), then we launch the new FMiMBranding website (the most beautiful piece of art we’ve ever developed), delve deeper in to our business infrastructure plus talk marketing plans and Exclusive Models for 2015.


  • After that we eat, we talk and play board games as well as Battle of The Sexes or Cards Against Humanity drinking games.

Location time and parking

  • We start at 9:30pm and go until sunrise.
  • The next one is Saturday December 27th
  • The event will be at Yonge and Bloor
  • One block south on Bloor
  • Parking on Hayden St and Charles is free after 9pm
  • Parking lot connects both streets


  • To enter bring a bottle

Dinner Event Template