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Rent – Studio Space for Creative Entrepreneurs

About me:

My name is Michael Bole a business developer with a proven track record.

Over the past 20 years, I started off selling my own t-shirts, then moved on to throwing parties, starting with basement parties moving my way up to bars and eventually Richmond Street before I was out of high school. I've had the opportunity to do the grunt work for fortune 100 and 500 companies and establish startups, helping either in sales, advertising, client, or tech support.

I've been fortunate enough to pitch several multi-million dollar concepts (that I helped developed from the ground up) to investors. In the past 2 years, I've been part of several teams, helped with their ideas, team dynamics, and the projects they work on with various degrees of success.

I got to learn what works and what doesn't work in business, and I understand that no successful idea can happen without some friction and used my expertise to design SMARTER.

Right now: I've been researching SMARTER collaboration for the past 8 years, building and developing where I've worked with over 200 artists through The Annex Art Party currently in its 4th iteration and am in the process of starting an incubator group for creative entrepreneurs called Creative Unicorns of Toronto.

Rent incubator space: I have two spaces available for rent for creative entrepreneurs who can complement each other. Each is about 5 by 6 feet in size. The location for this incubator is located at Bloor & Ossington less than 5 minutes walking from Ossington station

What is CreativeUTO? Creative Unicorns of Toronto is (420 friendly) profit share-based incubator space for creative entrepreneurs who can work on their own projects, as well as in-house or 3rd party projects.

Why it's important? We waste a lot of our lives looking for comfortable spaces where we can be ourselves,  and work on our passions without having to sacrifice ourselves for people who may judge us negatively! We are passionate about our projects but often find out that it's 95% working on mundane business stuff with people who are looking to pervert it for profit and about 25% actually working on the things we're passionate about before we even factor in our lives and the obstacles it brings. This incubator/co-working space is designed to eliminate that by adding entrepreneurs that complement each other's skills and cut the mundane stuff, including the cost to find and pay people in half enriching the end result of what you're building.

Paying rent: SMARTER collaboration - Simplified Methods Achieving Results Through Exact Rythm is a collaboration system that allows for us to work on projects together. I don't profit from renting the space ($350 per month) but a part of the rent (about $100 per month) is put aside to cover amenities including cleaning and maintenance, Wi-Fi, food, office supplies, art supplies, tech equipment, the software to operate them, and whatever else we decide will enrich the community.

What is profit share? In order to keep collaboration free flowing where we're not concerned about getting paid or our time all projects within the incubator will be broken into 3 payment structures. The creator will always get the largest cut, collaborators will get equal or second highest cut and the house CreativeUTO will get a cut to cover day to day operation

Day to Day operations:

  • Part of SMARTER collaboration will be to go through a 4 phase process for our projects which are jumpstarted through a business canvass model.
  • The incubator space will be open to the public from 1 pm to 7 pm to maintain order for the organizations involved. (hourly rentals are between these times)
  • 7 am till 1 pm are focus hours where anyone who comes in focusses on works.
  • Afterward, there will be breaks every 2 hours to maintain productivity.
  • It's a 420 friendly co-working space, but it's not a party, so music will be contained to our ear-phones (also a sign that we're busy and to not disturb)

Rent (AKA buy-in)

  • Must make a 6-month commitment and pay last month's deposit
    to move into both spaces $600 ($500 for rent $100 to cover operations costs).
  • a single section is $350 per month ($250 to cover rent $100 to cover operation costs)
  • or $30 per hour (minimum 4 hours).

Spaces available May 1st send email through the contact form to set up viewing times. Cat won't be included 🙁


#TAAP4 Vendors Register & Animate Your Table Space

Creative community + positive vibes

The Annex Art Party is an event featuring positive vibes for a creative community; emerging artists of Toronto can connect through a series of beautifully choreographed events that include vending their art, mixing and mingling, and performing live art like dance or music. The event also offers food and beverages to artists and vendors alike.

 Community Members - Click this link to access the Google Form. 

Buy – Business Development Workshops

Business Development Workshops for Creative Entrepreneurs.

  • Our workshops provide inclusive spaces where individuals can explore personal creative growth through a design thinking process and leave the workshops with tools that will assist them in building strong entrepreneurship skills, reduce financial risks and make profit

What makes us credible? 

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Start My Project

The Annex Art Party is a quarterly pop-up marketplace hosted at CSIAnnex. #TAAP is positive vibes, a creative community, and emerging artist of Toronto vibing through a series of beautifully choreographed events that includes vendors, art, mixing, mingling, live art, performances, dance, music, food, and beverages at the bar. 

$120for 4 events

$120 Startup fee 
|Covers your membership for 10 months 
|$10 recurring afterwards 
|Gets you 4 event spaces and access to all our workshops 

$90for 2 events

$90 startup fee 
|Covers your membership for 6 months 
|$15 recurring afterwards 
|Gets you 2 event spaces 
|+ 2 workshops

There are no commitments required beyond the initial start up fee. You can cancel anytime. A subscription service allows us to maintain a community of emerging artists and help them become established, keep event costs low, provide business development workshops, while researching and developing for an Art's Cafe,

Our current goal is to get 76 artists to join our community and become self-sustainable

Click here for more info

Social Media Marketing + Community Outreach

Posts are viewed an Avg. of 998 times per day through the FMiMBranding Facebook page
We hit a peak of 4,053 views on Facebook on June 19th
68,570+ foot and vehicle traffic through our #FollowTheYellowBrickRd. viral marketing campaign, sponsored by @kingtextilestoronto!
Over 50 Emerging artists presented art, fashion, performed and or painted live
Over 400 art pieces decorated were presented #TAAP2
We kept consistent traffic anywhere between 75 to 100 event goers for about 4 hours. The 1st 50 got beer tickets!

The Artists and Social Innovator's Potluck

We are following up a wildly successful Innovator Drinks by rebranding it to The Artist and Social Innovator's Potluck. The potluck networking event will be on October, Friday the 13th starting at 4:30pm.

It is a remix – not a replacement - of the long-standing Social Innovator's Drinks by CSI and hopefully a monthly series. The 1st 50 event goers get beer (or wine) tickets, we eat each other's food, discuss art, social innovation and iron out final details for TAAP3.

Hosted at the beautifully restored CSIAnnex at 720 Bathurst. Setup starts at 5 p.m. doors open at 6 p.m.

Toronto Spider-Man Returns for #TAAP3, November 23rd #CSIAnnex


Positive Vibes

  • The Annex Art Party is positive vibes, a creative community, and emerging artist of Toronto vibing through a series of beautifully choreographed events that includes vendors, art, mixing, mingling, performances, dance, music, food, and beverages.

About #TAAP2

  • #TAAP2 featured 16 painters and visual artists, 8 live painters, 6 live performers, and over 10 jewelry and crafts makers. We had a consistent crowd of 75 to 100 people for 4 hours.

Artist and Social Innovation Ex

  • We are following up a wildly successful Innovator Drinks by rebranding it to The Artist and Social Innovator's Potluck. The potluck networking event will be on November 10th starting at 4:30pm.
  • It is a remix – not a replacement - of the long-standing Social Innovator's Drinks by CSI and hopefully a monthly series. The 1st 50 event goers get beer (or wine) tickets, we eat each other's food, discuss art, social innovation and iron out final details for TAAP3.

#TAAP3 November 23rd

  • Setup starts at 5 P.M. Thursday
  • Event starts at 6 p.m.
  • goes through 10:00 p.m.


Event goers RSVP on Facebook


There are 30 Emerging artists registered, spaces still available

Vendors - Click the link below to register

@CreativeUTO – Become a Community Animator & Learn the Art of the Sale


I’m looking to add 5 more community animators who’ll help build the CreativeUTO community as well as help facilitate our Business Development Workshops and the quarterly TAAP events for 2018

About us

  • CreativeUTO is an artist incubator group that helps bring awareness, incubate, and or create sustainable growth, for creative entrepreneurs a 

In return

  • We help you develop, position,  and how to sell your idea in 30 seconds
  • You participate in our profit share system
  • Get table space at #TAAP events
  • Experience working with a startup

You'd be working from home on your own time

  • So you'll need a laptop
    • Amazing communication skills 
    • and a curious attitude  

Your day to day tasks will include

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Strategy
  • Strategic Sales
  • Business Analysis
  • New Business Development
  • Conflict resolution & negotiation skills
  • Sales Management
  • Managing complex teams

Your weekly tasks include

  • A mastermind meeting where we discuss the pitfalls of the job,
    • learn any of the subjects presented above (even if I have to bring in experts)
    • and work to improve our efficiency

Account Management


  • You can work from anywhere as long as you have a smartphone or laptop and Wi-Fi. 

I’ll walk you through the system – very easy - we’ll meet every week to do discuss the downs and ups of this exchange in order to keep improving ourselves… and the system. I genuinely believe in an open source business system where we work towards a common goal.

Here is what you get in return
1st we must pay our overheads or else there is no business. Then Free Minds in motion takes 60% and you get 40% on each sale.

  • Right now our avg price point for The Annex Art Parties are at $83 but those will go up to $360 for #TAAP2018
  • Table space at The Annex Art Party
  • Business Development workshops

Will be based on the term you choose to join for. There are 2 months, 6 months and 1 year.


Click this link to register


Buy – Community Memberships & Help us Open a Bigger Incubator Space

100 subscribers will help us open a 2,600 Sq. Ft. incubator space where creative entrepreneurs can develop themselves, their projects and or sell.

A subscription service allows us to maintain a community of emerging artists while keeping overheads low. Community members can use their accounts to register for upcoming events like The Annex Art Party, or future workshops. There are no commitments required beyond the initial start-up fee. You can cancel anytime.

Click here for more info


$160 Startup fee

Read More

Refund Policy

We are entrepreneurs and we get excited when payments come in. It means we can eat and have the energy to continue helping other entrepreneurs become 'richer' by providing our services but we understand mistakes happen and relationships can go sour.

Community Memberships

Given the nature of our community memberships and your access to downloadable digital content, we can only offer an equivalent service in return, store credit, or an extension of your membership unless it is required by consumer law, the product you've purchased is delivered broken or has been canceled.

In case we do refund please give us 30 days before the transaction is complete.

Shipping Items

In case you purchase an item from, you'll be responsible for paying for your own shipping costs for returning your item. Shipping costs are non­refundable.

If you receive a refund, the cost of return shipping will be deducted from your refund.

Project Paper Trail – 1,000 postcard sized flyer distribution inside an elegant envelope

Project Paper Trail - We distribute 1,000 postcards sized flyers inside an elegant envelope through community outreach and only to pre-qualified customers starting at $99

Why it works:

  • Consumers today value human beings over the white noise of social media
  • The personal touch adds value to existing social media presence
  • Consumers search on their phones the 1st chance they get.
  • We value our flyers like business cards made of gold and pre-qualify customer
  • We focus on grassroots, social enterprises, and related events.
  • We maintain a database on our website redistributing future traffic to you
  • 20 organizations offering special services in 1 envelope makes PPT valuable for social consumers.
  • 1,000 envelopes 2,250 flyers distributed per month
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The Annex Art Party – Final Event Outline

The first quarterly Annex Art Party takes place at the Centre for Social Innovation (Annex) and its geared towards incubating emerging artists in Toronto. The event currently features vendor spaces animated by the likes of painters, artists, stylists, tinkerers, movie makers, and jewelers.

Event flow
The Annex Art Party is a beautifully choreographed series of events featuring artwork, street performers, music, business development workshops, as well as info on how to get micro loans to kickstart your project.

Food and drinks
You can eat Desi food or West Indian food, chocolate desserts, or buy drinks at the bar.

CSI Cafe is a fully licensed bar and will be open during the event

Event space
There are 7 ways to animate your space, this includes promotional setups, performances, showcases and workshops. Some artists will be live painting at the event, however, everyone is entitled to a 3 by 6 table and depending on availability enough wall space to hang up to 6 pictures.

20 Vendor spaces still available.

Please sign up here:

Our goal is to raise enough funding for upcoming projects that include future events, workshops, incubator space and support African (Yaounde Cameroon) artists Freesanama with his project, Looking for Molly/

You can view his profile page on FMiMBranding here

Join our Facebook group

Vendor spaces still available.

Please sign up here:

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