Creative space for rent at Bloor and Ossington

Unicorns, I have creative space available for creative entrepreneurs at Bloor and Ossington, about 10 minutes away from Ossington Station, close to all amenities including art shops, bars, Dufferin Mall and art galleries. It’s a basement. with 2 6 by 5 spaces

  • Must make a 6-month commitment and pay deposit to cover last month
  • to move into both spaces $600 ($500 for rent $100 to cover operations costs).
  • a single section is $350 per month ($250 to cover rent $100 to cover operation costs)
  • or $30 per hour (minimum 4 hours)

About CreativeUTO

  • What is CreativeUTO? Creative Unicorns of Toronto is profit share-based incubator space for creative entrepreneurs who can work on their own projects, as well as in-house or 3rd party projects.

The best fit

  • Perfect for web developers, developers, programmers, animators, painters, illustrators, photographers, designers, crafters, and makers of all kinds!

Laidback space 

  • Laidback space, share with my studio space (I’m working on Captain Icco)
  • Skillshare with other artists to collaborate on larger projects
  • Shared resources including meals, equipment, productivity tools
  • Free - Business Development and marketing services
  • Organized communication through Slack
  • Access to future CreativeUTO incubator spaces
  • Meeting room space at Centre for Social Innovation
  • Enjoy 24-hour access,
  • WIFI,
  • small kitchen,
  • Backyard
  • Some ~ultra prime~ spots will even
  • Free space at The Annex Art Party!

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