Montina Hussey, a Powerful Emotional Interpreter



Montina is a powerful emotional interpreter and is completely unabashed about revealing the gore of feelings. She is unafraid to search every dark corner within her and then vocalize an empathic discovery to her audience. Her painted knotted forms are the politics of repression being coddled and loved. This symbolizes the relationship one must have with their unvented sorrow. She asks the viewer to surrender to the full play of what is ordinarily called the terror of the unknown. When you face these esoteric corners, the self splinters, and an ecstatic sense of freedom erupts. Her art practice is the stage between the unveiling and the freedom.

Her recent work is addressing the long-term effects of trauma and how it affects subsequent generations. Through the alchemy of paint, she rectifies cellular and metaphysical memory, as she translates photographs and film stills of her grandparents from the 1920s. These paintings in acrylic and oil dance between figuration and abstraction, and blur facts and crystallize detail equally. What is left is an open dialogue with generations past, resulting in a chaotic, anxious, and cathartic release of painted forms.

She holds the belief that we can call up the past and direct it into a healing experience and painting can act as an antenna to transport these energies into reality. We can reach our potential of being self-actualized figures of light by facing our ancient darkness and regressed past life weight, in hope to create a pure platform for the future generations. Her goal is to invite extraordinary heuristic and transformative evolutionary potential for the individual.

Select Group Exhibitions

Annual Florence Program Show, OCAD University, Toronto, Canada, 2015

Prospettiva, OCAD University, Florence, Italy, 2015

Open Studio, OCAD University, Florence, Italy, 2014

Contrapuntal, Mayday Club, Florence, Italy, 2014

Reversion, Moniker Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2014

Brazen Sexual Stigma Overcome, Project Gallery, Toronto, Canada, 2013

Enough, WIMA(Women in Art and Music), D-BeatStro, Toronto, Ontario

Florence 40th Celebration,OCAD University, Toronto, Ontario 2015

GradEx, OCAD University, Toronto,Ontario  2016

Transfiguration: A Case Study onEpigenetic Memory, Bainton Gallery, Blyth, Ontario, 2016

Ancestral Overlap,White House Studio Projects, Toronto, Ontario, 2016

Prospettiva, Exhibition Catalogue, OCAD University, 2015
Top Collective


Creative Interpreter,Artists Without Barriers, Toronto Ontario, 2015 – Present

Art Camp Coordinator,Studio C, Lucknow, ON, 2013 – 2015

Figure Model , TorontoSchool of Art, Toronto, ON, June 2009 - Present


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