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Professional UX WordPress Website – Starter Packages are $1,325

And this is what you get


Website layout serves end-users in 2 clicks (or less)

  • As above so below, a tree grows its roots as deep as it needs to be tall. We develop your website organically from the sales foundation up to complement your sales funnel.
  • Your users are presented with an immersive and simple user interface designed to maximize the experience and provide them with pertinent information as they need it. Maximizing your organization’s conversation rate


Basic Search Engine Optimization

  • We design an infrastructure to maximize your presence under multiple keywords, the big 3 search engines including Bing and Google
  • We provide in-studio tutorials on how to maximize SEO on your website and social media website
  • We monitor your website for 90 days and provide you with 1 comprehensive report


90 Day Tech Support

  • We value our relationship and wish to continue working with you as your business grows.
  • When the website is your website for 90 days and provides you with critical updates and tech support.
  • You also get ongoing access to our community and resources,



  • access to our team on our Slack channel,
  • Business development workshops and tutorials,
  • Critical downloads and updates to help you maintain your website.
  • Discounted access to events, products, and merchandise from us as well as our affiliates


SMARTER work process

  • SMARTER is Simplified Methods Achieving Results Through Exact Rhythm.
  • SMARTER is an agile based work philosophy that allows us to manage multiple projects, collaborate with multiple teams, their different workflows & their project’s needs.
  • Our services are delivered with consistency, clear communication, and on time. We do not proceed with development unless you’ve approved the progress.
  • We believe that success is 99% planning and 1% execution once the blueprint is sound, the plan will execute itself.
  • Easy collaborative work process, includes a 5-hours in-studio creative session to help develop your project's outline
  • Creative sessions are also available through Google Talk or Skype

Additional packages are $365 and they can include:

Social Media Optimization

  • Social media hierarchy maps out how to take advantage of social media and use your channels more efficiently
  • Hashtag research and development, allows you to cater to multiple niche markets and maximizes your reach to those customers who are looking for your product

Detailed Sales Funnel Outline

  • Acquiring new customers is key, retaining them after they’ve exchanged info or purchased your product is more important, knowing how to keep them in the loop after they purchased your service generates wealth for your organization by turning it in to an ecosystem
  • We research and develop the best sales strategies for your organization and design a succinct elevator pitch that includes objection handling, maximizing the potential for a sale

Fortune 500 Level E-mail infrastructure

  • Fortune 500 level website setup
  • Optimize emailing schedule to improve sales, retention and increase visibility
  • Set up an email list to help build your community

Customer Relationship Management

  • Create a customer relations strategy that increases visibility, improves sales, and raises retention
  • We use your existing apps as well as ones we feel will best suite your organization to create sales funnel that works as your assistant and allows you to focus on the tasks that matter to drive your organization forward.
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