Slack, One of the Most Important Communication Tools Right Now

Slack, One of the Most Important Communication Tools Right Now

Slack is in my opinion one of the most important apps of our generation. The application eliminates Email redundancy, allowing teams to stay organized and updated on projects. Giving individuals the freedom to execute instantly, and be effective with as little as their smart phones.

In the world of business, timely execution is next to godliness. You know… because time is money?! Slack works to instantly update the whole team and therefore allows for everyone to move forward.


What makes Slack even better is a rich plugin Eco system. Plugins are applications that add functions to the app. They allow you to integrate just about anything you need to keep your organizations, teams and projects updated with info. This includes, accounting apps, project management apps, scheduling, social media, email itself, and - depending how deep your coding knowledge goes - your entire store and website infrastructure.

I call it the future of artificial intelligence. Likely to replace E-mail, chat apps, social media apps (if ever they allowed organizations to manage larger communities). You can even program it to provide training (read program it to… in case subject does A do ABC), automatically respond to customer service (think CRM but better)

But don't just take my word for it.

Slack is as of - September 2016 the fastest growing app in the world adopted by 170 million users and 30,000 teams including The app is currently valued at $1 billion, plus there are several articles out there explaining that Microsoft’s Linked in Buyout is due to the apps popularity. Yes, the app is a threat to Microsoft office and its CRM apps too.

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