#TAAP2 – The Annex Art Party – Event Outline

The Annex Art Party is a quarterly pop-up marketplace hosted at CSIAnnex.

  • #TAAP is positive vibes, a creative community, and emerging artist of Toronto vibing through a series of beautifully choreographed events that includes a collaborative effort between vendors, art, mixing, mingling, live art, performances, dance, music, food, and beverages.

Collaborative marketing

  • #TAAP was a successful event that featured a viral video with a reach of 10,000+ Facebook users and 2,000+ views within a few days. The video is currently sitting at 3,532 views. We plan to continue with our weekly video diaries to promote the brand and use it as a platform to promote the emerging artists working with us. 

Captive Audience

  • We assembled a creative community that connected with 30+ amazing emerging artists, we featured 4 live performances and maintained a captive audience of creative minds anywhere between 30 to 50 visitors for 5 hours.


We're planning a follow-up August 24th, however, we want to hear your thoughts on our event.

  • Everyone left feeling positive. We want to take that magic and expand on it a step further for Thursday, August 24th. We’re already developing integration strategies with some of our artists for TAAP2 and TAAP3 in October

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