#TAAP4 -28 pictures From 14 New Emerging Artists – 37 Spaces left.

Register today!

There are 37 spaces left for The Annex Art Party 4 has 2,600 sq. ft full of art enough space for 60 artists and over 200 pieces of art. This month we introduce our West-Indian and Indian $5.00 Buffett, A raffle where patrons can win free art from the event, 6 hours of live music performed by 4 bands.


Creative community + positive vibes

The Annex Art Party is an event featuring positive vibes for a creative community; emerging artists of Toronto can connect through a series of beautifully choreographed events that include vending their art, mixing and mingling, and performing live art like dance or music. The event also offers food and beverages to artists and vendors alike.


The philosophy (not theme)

The philosophy for TAAP4 is Sunrise. We all had to rise from the darkness at some point in our lives. So we want to setup 60 artists who animate a sunrise for the event.


I'd like to proudly introduce the artists who have registered for #TAAP4, they include.

Zoombaabaa, Paintings by Alex Leon, amuLights ~ Magical Raindrop Pendants, Hilrae, Femalien Art, Portraits By Rae, The rough go, Dasilva Illustrations, Mehlow VieghKing, Bare Brains art, Biizindam, The Face of Music, Kiyomi Inoue, Curly Shirley Artwork, Julia Claire Evans, Terminal Joy, The Upper Tunist, Ixiim, Tamar Ellah, Blair Mueller Art, Vanessa Walsh, James Flux, Lauraine Paradis, Three Re

 Vendors get $45 Early bird tables. Offer ends on February 14th then tables cost $60

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