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About us – A Social Think Tank of Creative Thinkers

Social Think Tank + Creative Thinkers

  • A Social Think Tank + Creative Thinkers = We consist of creative unicorns who command a critical intellect, articulate with clarity, find the complex in simplicity, are elevated by ambition, grounded in humility, susceptible to growth, have a strong sense of integrity & honesty while respecting flow & energy. We share our knowledge, leverage each other's resources, skills, and expertise to work on each other's project as well as client projects

What we do - Solutions

  • We [translate + execute] ideas into valuable sales funnels from the foundation up. We do this by designing an infrastructure that marries customer service, sales, advertisement and retains customers for a lifetime.


  • To become a resource that invests in and develops social entrepreneurs, startups and ideas that benefit the community

What governs us?

  • Creative thinkers
  • Command a critical intellect
  • Articulate with clarity
  • Find the complex in simplicity
  • Are elevated by ambition
  • Grounded in humility
  • Susceptible to growth
  • Have a strong sense of integrity & honesty
  • While respecting flow & energy
  • Stagnant energy is negative energy
  • Still waters collect bacteria

Services include

  • Design, Web Development [UX, UI, WordPress] Social Media Strategy, Sales & Marketing packages below


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  • Complete the form to the best of your ability
  • We'll consult with you in person, over Skype,
  • If we choose to proceed we'll design a project outline for you as soon as possible
  • That'll give you an overview of the work from the alpha stage all the way through launch
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Participatants – Social Enterprise Summer Pop Up

Download PDF of participants here

A non-profit social enterprise in the heart of West Queen West helping bridge the
digital divide. We accept donations of electronic waste, refurbish computers and resell
them at an accessible price to help low income communities get connected.

Social Enterprise Toronto is a network of social enterprises that share the common
goal of supporting and growing social enterprise in the GTA. These enterprises all provide
employment or training opportunities for low income or marginalized individuals. They
operate in a range of industries, including catering, courier delivery, construction,
printing, crafts and interpretation.

We are committed to building a safe and healthy community through supporting and
strengthening the quality of individual and community life in Thorncliffe Park and
Flemingdon Park. We still have spaces available.

We don’t see branding, marketing and fundraising as separate efforts. Instead, we believe
they are all parts of a larger structure that need to be orchestrated together to generate
maximum impact. By listening intently to your spoken and unspoken needs, our team
focuses on neatly integrating your fundraising, branding and digital marketing
efforts to include the perspective of all your organization’s stakeholders.

Fair Trade is a business model that puts social and environmental issues at the heart
of the market system. It establishes standards to protect producers/workers and the
environment throughout the supply chain around the world..

Tense and Urgent on Etsy
I live in Toronto with my two kids, 4 and 6, where I can often be found screaming at
speeding cars as I negotiate sugary snacks. I am a longtime actor, improviser and
screenwriter, and I started Tense and Urgent greeting cards and gifts because I wanted
to communicate in a funny, personal way that was immediate and didn’t require ten
years of fundraising.

Join our Arabic Conversation Group and you will not only learn Arabic but you will also
discover Arab culture through music, movie clips, news cast, passionate discussions,
and authentic Arabic food.

We are The Original Smiths, an online vintage and upcycle store that is dedicated of
celebrating Toronto artists creativity and style.

Desi Kitchen is a proud family owned catering business based in Toronto, Canada. We
have been serving South Asian communities to host any fresh food catering event
since 2000. Our 100% Halal and Vegetarian custom menu is the emblem of our success
in catering business that leading us in the Greater Toronto Area with topranking.

Founded in March 1975, Scadding Court Community Centre is located at the corner of
Dundas and Bathurst streets and adjacent to the Atkinson Cooperative Housing Complex
(formerly Alexandra Park social housing). Our programs target under-serviced, cultural
ly diverse groups such as low-income families, at-risk children and youth, newcomers,
people living with disabilities, seniors and the un/underemployed. Between 500
and 600 people visit the Centre each day to participate in programs and services, or
just to socialize.

The Social Enterprise Summer Pop Up

The Social Enterprise Summer Pop Up

  • A pop up shop event geared to developing and showcasing social enterprises in Toronto while benefiting socially conscious consumers in the community
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