About Us – A Social Think Tank of Creative Unicorns

About us

  • Free Minds in Motion is a social think tank that builds communities of creative unicorns who leverage their business development skills to work on projects that enrich.

SMARTER is Simplified Methods Achieving Results Through Exact Rhythm

  • We are Free Minds Motion. We are masters of the SCRUM. We use an Agile based project management philosophy that allows us to coordinate multiple projects with multiple teams, their marketing needs & different setups

Design Philosophy

  • A tree grows its roots as deep as it needs to be tall. We develop projects from the foundation up to become practical, easy to operate, and help you articulate the benefits of a client’s idea to your customer

What governs us?

  • We consist of creative thinkers who command a critical intellect, articulate with clarity, find the complex in simplicity, are elevated by ambition, grounded in humility, susceptible to growth, have a strong sense of integrity & honesty, while respecting flow & energy.
  • We share a knowledge, leverage each other's resources and expertise to work on each other's project as well as client projects


  • Build social think tanks
  • Develop creative thinkers into business developers
  • Create projects that add wealth and enrich communities in Toronto.


  • Manage, develop, or invest in art, artists, their community projects and help them mature into self-sustainable businesses


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